Lory’s time

Lory’s time is a game-book for children and emotional adults! In this book we can see the daily activities of a cute blue bear. Lory helps the children to move from the game to the reading in a very interesting and entertaining way. The book is divided into three bands by that changes the illustration and text.  The aim is to match all the images logical or to mix completely in the most interesting and absurd combination. 520 variants are possible! Each solution of the book is in a range of colors, which facilitates their proper order. This type of books-games are a gradual transition from game to reading. With countless combinations they develop as logical thinking and creative abilities of the child. Facilitates learning letters and whole words. The book is suitable for children from 2 to 8 years.  
Made of thick cardboard to be durable to children’s games. Size: 13.5 / 14 см ISBN 978-619-188-047-8 Design and illustration: Anelia Pashova Self published, 2012 Made in Bulgaria. You can buy this book from here. Facebook page