The legend оf Majella mountain

“Maja, was the name of a mother. Maja is an ancient name of a legendary warrior woman coming from the far East.”

Magical legend of Maja and the magnificent italian mountain Majella.
Located very close to the Adriatic Sea, the mountain remains forever connected to humans and the sea.

The book is a leporelo, and the illustrations are conceived as a whole, connected as a landscape from end to end.
The project contains curious details such as notes, beliefs and facts related to the mountain, the sea and the overall experience of this fabulous place.

The text was collected by the local population and retold by Francesca Camila D’Amico.
The project was developed with the help of ARCI in the Italian city of San Vito Chietino.

Technique: pencil and ink
Illustrations: Anelia Pashova
Size: 15/210 cm