The extraordinary stories of the treasures of Bulgaria

Treasures are said to have been discovered by accident. However, some people believe that the treasures themselves choose from whom and when to find them – they are displayed at a specific moment by a specific person. The fascinating stories of 20 of Bulgaria’s most famous treasures come to life on the pages of a richly illustrated edition for young and older discoverers. The drawings of Anelia Pashova and Stanka Jeleva illustrate the curious facts of their discovery. “Once upon a time, a pig was fed a massive gold bowl for 3600 years for a year. This is not a fairy tale, but a true story that happened in 1924 in the village of Vulchitran, near the town of Pleven… ”Thus begins the story of one of the most famous treasures of Bulgaria, but according to then you will find out why and how the gold bowl, which is now in the Archaeological Museum in Sofia, served as a piglet in a duckling, how the people of Wulchitron got their gold teeth made from parts of the treasure and many other fun, almost incredible stories.  
Illustrations:Anelia Pashova and Stanka Jeleva EasyArt Foundation, 2015 ISBN 978-954-399-148-8