Children’s letters to God

Dear God, did those in the Bible really speak so formally?

This little book “Children’s letters to God” appeared in the distant 1966 in America, it quickly became an international bestseller, with dozens of issues and translated into all the world’s languages.  The author is the famous illustrator and cartoonist Stuart Hample (1926-2010) in collaboration with editor Eric Marshall. The two turn their collection of children’s minds into a million-dollar booklet outlining the immediate approach to the most complex issues of faith characteristic of children. What happens when a child decides to send a letter to the Creator? The provocations, the pleasure of dealing with genuine sincerity, the unexpected humor and the sometimes amazing clarity of thought – all of this can be found in this little book containing questions, short prayers, doubts, petitions for small favors, admiration – and all that is untouched by qin to the adult, but stemming from pure curiosity and a sense of the wonder of existence.

Dear God, is that how you wanted the giraffe to look, or was it by mistake?


Surely this book will provoke smiles in us, the elderly, but it will also give us important food for thought – are we really ready to answer convincingly the questions about faith and God emanating from a child’s heart.

Dear God, I love that you always put the stars in the right places.“

Illustrations: Anelia Pashova
Omophor Publishing House, 2018
ISBN: 9789542972679

You can buy it from here.