Custom Pet Portrait


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The perfect gift for any dog lover!

The portrait can be made with pencil, ink or aquarelle technic. A wooden frame (A4 format) can be included in purchase.

I will need as many photos as possible. I prefer them to be from a camera rather than a phone, because of the quality of the pics. Please try to take pictures of the animal from his/her level (not from above). I will choose the most appropriate picture for the portrait or i will combine.

To order, please send me an e-mail to Or you can order it here. What do I need to know when ordering a portrait.  

What do I need to know when ordering a portrait


The photos are extremely important to the development of a portrait drawing. Most often I choose a specific suitable photo or combine two or three. I need as many as possible to get a good idea of the dog and choose a suitable photo for the portrait. If possible they are from a camera or of high quality. Size over 4MB or resolution over 1400x1400px, JPG format. Often phone photos without good detail will not work. Let them be in order to see his head well, with a low horizon (at the level of the animal, not photographed from above). Photos in a sitting or standing position are best. They may not be looking at the camera. Not tongue-tied, not wet, with snow, direct sunlight or backlit / in the shade. Photos taken too far, out of focus, lying down or hugged by someone are not suitable. Please no flash.

From them I will choose the most suitable one or I will combine. You can send them as an archived file or download link

Please do not send them via facebook or instagram because social networks reduce image quality.

More than one portrait
There is no problem with a portrait of two or three dogs, a dog and a kitten, and any other options. I will be able to give you a specific price after discussing the details.

I do not include human figures in the portraits.

Portraits can be painted with aquarelle, pencil or ink (I often combine).
After seeing the pictures, I can recommend the technique.

Please keep in mind that my drawings are of impression and expressionism rather than photorealism and differences are possible. I chase similarities of course, but they are not exactly the same as the photo.

Sometimes I add accessories to the dogs – something that would suit them, their favorite item etc.
You can let me know if you would like to add something specific – hat, scarf, glasses, bow tie and so on.

I usually work in about 21/30 cm (A4) format, which is sufficient to develop a detail. If you would like the drawing to be larger, you can send me a request my email.


You can order the portrait to be framed. Frames are made to order and selected according to the drawing. It takes about a week to make them. They are made of wood, have passe-partout and anti-reflective glass. Made in Bulgaria.

Deadlines are determined by additional agreement.
If you are chasing a certain date, you can inform me and if I have the opportunity I will comply with it.

* Please note that the minimum time for order completion is 10 days and I’m unable to accept urgent orders.

**Portraits for Christmas holidays can only be ordered until mid-November.


Single portrait / ink or watercolor / size 21×30 cm (A4) / without frame – 80 EURO / with frame – 90 EURO
Double portrait / ink or watercolor / size 29×42 cm (A3) / without frame – 130 EURO* / with frame – 140 EURO*
Triple portrait / ink or watercolor / size 29×42 cm (A3) / without frame – 190  EURO / with frame – 200 EURO*

*The double or triple portrait can be drawn together on one sheet or in separate portraits

Payment is made in advance before starting work by bank transfer/ Revolut.

For Bulgaria, your order will be sent free of charge to Econt office. Sending  portrait  abroad is possible with Bulgarian post office with a tracking number / + 20 euro .

For other countries, the originals can be sent by post office with a tracking number. The price for that depends on the country and will be add to the final price.

You can make it to my e-mail or directly from the website here.
After ordering the portrait, I will contact you to clarify the details.