Custom Pet Portrait

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our life whole.”
Roger Karas

Why do I draw dogs? This is one of the first questions I get asked when it comes to my art. I paint all kinds of animals with equal enthusiasm – birds, cats, insects, reptiles, etc. For me, living creatures are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. I grew up around animals and this instilled in me a great love, curiosity and admiration for them.

However, dogs hold a special place in my heart. They are so genuine, emotionally intelligent, good and charming. Their unconditional love can’t help but touch. Dogs have the ability to magically make everything better, more beautiful, just by their presence. Dog portraits are a favorite part of my work. I’m always looking for the character and condition of each individual dog, their look and vibe, in an attempt to capture that magical piece that makes them so special.

When ordering a portrait


Photographs are extremely important for the development of a portrait drawing. Most of the time I choose a specific appropriate photo or combine two or three.

I need as many as possible to get a good idea of the dog and to choose an appropriate photo for the portrait. Preferably they should be from a camera or high quality. Size over 4 MB or resolution over 1400x1400px, JPG format. Very often photos from a phone, without being photographed with nice detail, do not work.

Let them be close up so you can see his head nicely, with a low horizon ( at the level of the animal, not photographed from above ). Sitting or standing shots are best. They may not be looking at the camera.

Must not be tongue-tied, wet, with snow, direct sunlight or in shade.
Photos taken too far away, out of focus, lying down or being hugged by someone are not appropriate. Also, please have no flash.

Please do not send them via Facebook or Instagram as social media greatly reduces the quality of the images. You can send them as an archived file or download link to

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The portrait can be of one, two or more dogs, a combination between a dog and a kitten and any other variations. In this case, the format of the drawing is larger – format about 30 / 40 cm ( A3 ). They can also be in individual portraits – format 21 / 30 cm.

I do not include human figures in the portraits.


Portraits can be painted in aquarelle, pencil, ink, mixed media or oil.
After seeing the photos, I can recommend a technique. The single portraits are in 21/30cm (A4) format which is sufficient to develop detail. If you would like a different format, you can send me a request.


Sometimes I add accessories to the dogs- something that would suit them, a favourite item or just a teaser. You can let me know if you want me to add something specific – flowers, hat, scarf, glasses, bow tie, et


You can have your portrait framed. Frames are made to order and are chosen according to the specific drawing. It takes about a week to make them.
They are made of wood, have a passepartout and anti-reflective glass, made in Bulgaria.


Deadlines are determined by additional arrangement. Please note that the minimum delivery time is one month. If you require a gift for a specific date, you can purchase a gift voucher or if I am able I will try to paint it in a shorter time frame for an additional fee.

Orders for Christmas will be accepted until November.


Your pet can be transformed as a King or Queen in medieval royal robes and crown. This type of portrait is more specific, has more detail and will take longer to make. The price also includes a suitable frame.


Single portrait / ink or aquarelle / format 21×30 cm ( A4) / without frame – 130 EURO / with frame – 140 EURO
Double portrait /ink or aquarelle / format 29×42 cm ( A3) / without frame – 260 EURO / with frame – 280 EURO
Triple portrait / ink or aquarelle / format 29×42 cm ( A3) / without frame – 390 EURO / with frame – 420 EURO

For deadlines under 2 weeks will be charged extra + 100 BGN.

Delivery within the country is free to an Econt office.
To an address or shipping abroad, the shipping is at the expense of the customer.

Payment is made by bank transfer prior to commencement of work.


If you need the portrait for a specific date, you can purchase a gift voucher. When you purchase it, you will receive an email with a bank account for prepayment. After confirmation of receipt, a printable card with a personal code will be sent to you.
The voucher is valid for one year from the day of receipt.


You can order a personalized portrait of your pet at the above mail or directly from the website. After you place an order, I will contact you to clarify the details.

If you have any other questions, you can contact me at or via the contact form below.

Thank you for your trust!