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Agami heron | Work in process

The agami heron (Agamia agami) is a medium-sized heron. It is a resident breeding bird from Central America south to Peru and Brazil. It is sometimes known as the chestnut-bellied heron, and is the only member of the genus Agamia. In Brazil it is sometimes called Soco beija-flor, meaning ‘hummingbird heron’, thanks to its unique coloration pattern.

The agami heron is listed as vulnerable by the IUCN, due to predictions of future habitat destruction within its range.

This uncommon species is 66–76 centimetres (26–30 inches) in length. It is short-legged for a heron, and has a thin bill which is considerably longer than the head. The neck and underparts are chestnut, with a white line down the centre of the foreneck, and the wings are shiny green. Wispy pale blue feathers decorate the crown, sides of the foreneck, and lower back. The legs, bill, and bare facial patch are dull yellow. During the breeding season the facial patch can change color to reddish. The sexes are similar, but juveniles are largely brown above with a white foreneck, and streaked brown-and-white underparts. The normal clutch size is two blue eggs.

Картинката не може да има празен alt атрибут; името на файла е Agami_Heron_Agamia_agami-APASH-illustration-Anelia-Pashova-pencil-work-in-process-1.jpg

After developing the pencil drawing with 2B, 3B pencil, I used the strong watercolor tones of the German Schminke. For some of the feathers I used a little white tempera paint Talens.

Картинката не може да има празен alt атрибут; името на файла е Agami-heron-apash-illustration-facebook.jpg
Картинката не може да има празен alt атрибут; името на файла е Agami_Heron_Agamia_agami-APASH-illustration-Anelia-Pashova-2022-SMALL.jpg

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